Ulises Torrentera

Mezcalcurator, author of multiple, highly-acclaimed books on mezcal, and co-founder of In Situ Mezcaleríaand the mezcalbrandsFarolitoand In Situ.

Ulises is known internationally for the publication of three books, including Mezcalaria, Cultura Del Mezcal. In addition, he is a curator and producer of mezcal in his native Oaxaca. Together with Sandra Ortiz, they founded the iconic In Situ mezcaleríamore than eight years ago, where they promote mezcal culture.

With more than 25 years of experience in the world of mezcal, Ulises, along with a handful of others, is one of the most representative voices of mezcal in the world. He is recognized as a pioneer in the industry in his efforts to categorize mezcals unique drink.

Ulises has traveled to many countries and cities around the world to give lectures, seminars and talks about mezcal, its history, and perspectives. Torrenterais a tireless promoter of this drink worldwide. He developed the Mezcaleria Application, a tool to learn about the culture of mezcal, types of agaves and production processes. The covers and illustrations of his books are of his creation.

Ulises recently started producing his own ancestral mezcal that is being distributed in the United States by Mexx Brands, founded by the brothers Arturo and Julio Palencia. In addition, he is in the process of writing a couple more books about mezcal, as well as a novel.