Sandra Spalding

Sandra Spalding has worked in hospitality for over 25 years. Originally from Southern California with a degree in Art History, Sandra has always enjoyed how the arts and hospitality tie together. She explored that world, and honed her hospitality skills while working for the Memphis Restaurant Group. In 2000 she and her husband migrated to Austin and immediately gravitated towards Twin Liquors, recognizing in the family-run company a kindred spirit and shared vision. She is now the Director of Marketing but before that her first corporate role was Regional Sales Manager where she oversaw 50+ stores. She has also spent the last 12 years in the world of non-profits touching 450+ events per year thru Twin Liquors’ Community Outreach. Throughout her journey, Sandra has kept a focus on fine wine, food, cocktails and most importantly hospitality. Frequent travels and a voracious appetite for new experiences allow her to immerse herself in this ideal. It is her recipe for life!