Maggie Campbell

Maggie is President and Head Distiller at Privateer Rum. She is also a current Masters of Wine Student, was the founder of the Denver Brewer’s League, and is serving her second elected term on the Board of Directors of the American Craft Spirit Association and chairs their Spirits Judging Committee and is currently serving as their elected Vice-President. She also serves on the Wine and Spirits Education Trust's International Advisory Alumni Board, representing all diploma graduates in the USA. She first became interested in learning distilling in 2004 on a trip to Scotland and has since received her Diploma in Craft Distilling Technologies from the Siebel Institute, her Level IV Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, and won the Denver Brewsters Women’s brewing competition. She previously worked as assistant distiller at Germain-Robin after cutting her teeth with her original passion for whiskey. Her advice, ”Read all the books you can and knock on every distillery door you can get to. Having mentors with different philosophies gives you a whole world of tools to pull from.”

Under her guidance every flagship spirit from Privateer has received a 4-star rating from Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal except their revival-inspired Queen's Share rum which has received the highest rating of 5-stars. In his review Pacult stated, "...flavor and quality heights rarely seen in domestic rums and only a handful of Caribbean region rums as it all comes down to perfect balance between alcohol, acidity, wood usage, and flawless distillation... Superstar master distiller Maggie Campbell now has established a new standard..."

In his indispensable And a Bottle of Rum, Wayne Curtis says, “In just a few years, Privateer has managed to produce some outstanding rums that will measure up against ones produced in distilleries with a century or more of experience. Privateer’s Queen Share, as of this writing, is my favorite rum - the best I’ve come across in tasting many over more than a decade