Isidoro Guindi

Isidoro (Zury) Guindi, director and representative of Innovación Licorera. Zury is originally from Mexico City, and together with his partners, he created the socially responsible company in 2013. Their mission is to rescue and promote the culture of drinks that were consumed by ancient Mexican civilizations. These drinks include pox, sotol, and agricultural rum. In addition, Innovación Licorera has recently developed a sake for the Mexican market, as well as a line of bitters made with ancestral Mexican herbs and artisanal salts made with insects that were commonly consumed in ancient Mexico.

Zury was the first to create a brand of commercially available pox (Siglo Cero) to sell nationally and export to the United States and Europe, providing new and exciting opportunities for the small communities in Chiapas, Mexico, who have been producing pox for generations. Prior to this, pox was produced illegally for local consumption within religious ceremonies and celebrations.

Siglo Cero has been awarded medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as the New York International Spirits Competition. Innovación Licorera has also received commemorations as a socially responsible company in the Latin American Quality Awards 2019.

Innovación Licorera works hard to introduce these ancestral endemic drinks to people all over the world while respecting and working with the communities that produce them to ensure that they maintain their traditions, drinks, and culture.

Artisanal brands that have been developed in conjunction with indigenous communities include: "Siglo Cero” pox, "Sotomayor” sotol, "DonDante” pox, "Ron Libertad" rum, "Polvoras” artisan salts, "Sotolera” sotol syrup, "Mr. Brain" bitters.