9 Insider Tips to San Antonio Cocktail Conference

01 January 2018

by: Julia Celeste


Now in its seventh year, SACC has a big fan base. They’re not shy about sharing their tips on how you too can make the most of the city’s best downtown festival.

  1. It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Take your time. Make the tastes, the people, the music, the entertainment and the knowledge your end goal. Get a Tio Mio Pass or VIP Pass for full access to #SACC2018.
  2. Don’t skip the seminars: For industry folks, they’re an advanced degree. For enthusiasts, they’re an eye-opening exploration of the history, craft and foundations of cocktails. There are 50 SACC Seminars to choose from!
  3. Many brand ambassadors are legends: You’ll meet the gods of the industry who have deep knowledge and are steeped in the lore of classic cocktails. Meet them at the Tasting Suites.
  4. Many event bartenders are about to be legends: You’ll have a unique opportunity to explore the creative concoctions of today’s top mixologists from around the globe. Take pictures of their drinks as a reminder when you see their names again. Your first chance to see them live is Opening Night.
  5. Book a room downtown: It’s more fun to play when you can just walk home when you’re ready. Stay close to SACC and make it easy.
  6. There are creative surprise extras every year: From exclusive film screenings to raucous afterparties and pop-ups, SACC is always more than just parties. Get tickets to the exclusive screening of Singani63.
  7. The guided tasting opportunities go beyond Saturday’s Tasting Suites: Visit some of the city’s top bars for some of the world’s top sips, and keep your eyes and ears open for late-night pop-up events.
  8. Add a paired dinner to your week: Grab a seat at the table just days before the kickoff event and dig into a gourmet chef-driven meal that is perfectly paired with great drinks. Be led by your favorite spirit, or branch out to a new liquor you’ve never tried. It will all be deliciously memorable. Make your Paired Dinner reservations now.
  9. It really is for a good cause: The San Antonio Cocktail Conference is the only one of its kind to donate 100 percent of its profits to benefit children through gifts to selected children’s charities. Over its seven year history, SACC has raised and gifted more than $500,000 to beneficiaries including the Children's Shelter, ChildSafe, Clarity Child Guidance Center, HeartGift San Antonio, TEAMability and Transplants for Children.

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