10 Hangover Cures

29 December 2017

by: Julia Celeste


Despite our best intentions, hangovers happen. Here are a few ways to prevent and cure the dreaded black veil of too much (or too many varieties) of alcohol.

  1. Grab a cactus: Some science shows that prickly pear extract decreases hangover symptoms and may reduce your hangover severity by half.
  2. Bite your dog: There actually is evidence that drinking a bit of alcohol the day after a night of drinking can prevent the conversion of methanol to formaldehyde which COULD reduce some symptoms. But it could also lead to a pretty bad cycle.
  3. Drink more (water): Dehydration is one cause of hangovers, and contributes to headaches, dizziness and fatigue. So drink more water as you enjoy your cocktails, slipping in a glass of water between each round.
  4. Hit the sack: Sleep it off as long as you can and let your body recover naturally. During SACC - STAY DOWNTOWN.
  5. Break an egg: Have a big, hearty, healthy breakfast the morning after and get your blood sugar back in balance. Focus on proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. (Don't miss the JAZZ BRUNCH on Sunday!)
  6. Choose wisely: If you’re prone to hangovers, it could be your choice of liquors. Tequila, bourbon and cognac cause greater hangovers, while vodka, gin and rum are easier on the system.
  7. Slow your roll: Cut back on your intake and you’ll probably have fewer hangover symptoms. Seems pretty simple. Sip don’t guzzle. Enjoy the flavors and artistry of each cocktail you sample for a better morning after.
  8. Walk it off, stretch it out: Get some light exercise in the fresh air as you rehydrate with cool, fresh water. (STRETCH WITH US ON FRIDAY MORNING)
  9. Wash it off: Take a cool shower and let your body get back to its usual self. Avoid water that’s too cold, or too hot, which could shock your system and make you feel worse.
  10. Just say no to drugs: The side effects of pain killers like aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen may do more harm than good, so avoid them for your headache. They thin your blood and can intensify the effects of your throbbing head – and can cause more damage to your liver too. Find alternate ways to ease your mind through relaxation. (RELAX YOUR BODY AND MIND)

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