Dealer’s Choice - the Art of No Menu

January 16, 2020 | 3-4:15pm | $40.00

Valencia Hotel

Andrew Whibley and Nick Kennedy

DEALER'S CHOICE - one of the most fun parts of the job or one of the most frustrating (if it isn’t done properly). Nick Kennedy (Civil Liberties) and Andrew Whibley (Cloakroom Bar) both run programs that are solely based on this concept. Let them walk you through the ups and downs of this process, including why bars operate this way, how to properly take an order with no menu, how to balance the books and what to do if a client throws a complete curve ball. This seminar should give you all the tools to comfortably go off menu the next time a client requests it.

(There will be no cocktails served in this seminar - alternative beverages, including non-alcoholic mixed drinks will be served)