Steven Pizzini

Lala’s Gorditas

Steven Pizzini named his new venture, Lala’s Gorditas, in honor of his maternal grandmother. The restaurant is also an homage to his paternal grandmother Nona, who founded the original Teka Molino in 1938, and his father Herman and Uncle Eddie who opened the legendary Taco Hut in 1958.

Lala’s gives Steven an opportunity to showcase his family’s recipes, as he recreates the care poured into many of those original dishes: Richly overstuffed gorditas, soft-yet-crunchy puffy tacos, and creamy-crisp guacamole cups. Steven takes a hands-on approach to the ingredients, nixtamalizing and grinding corn on premises to create artisanal masa, and slowly preparing the tender meats wrapped inside.

Lala’s Gorditas

1600 Roosevelt Ave at School Street