Raymond Tremblay

Nashville & Louisville Reserve Brand consultant


Raymond Tremblay has had a dynamic career as a bartender, manager, events producer, and brand ambassador. He is currently the Nashville & Louisville Reserve Brand consultant for the Diageo. Ray has been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, and in this time he has helped run multiple bar concepts which have been published nationally, as well as aided in designing events around the country including SXSW, TOTC, and SACC to name a few. With supporting brands across multiple categories, he is allowed to showcase his creativity on a much larger scale, while focusing on his main goal to build up the community around him. Ray is also co-founder of The Dutile-Tremblay Community Fund, which raise’s thousands of dollars every year to support children on the Autism Spectrum.

Follow Raymond on Instagram and Twitter: @Raymondatlas