Misty Kalkofen

Tequila Interchange Project

Misty Kalkofen first stepped behind the bar while studying theology at Harvard Divinity School. She credits local music legend Brother Cleve with cementing her interest in classic cocktails the day he presented her with a bottle of Old Overholt rye and dubbed her his protege.

Upon completing her degree in 1998, Kalkofen realized what most excited her about the Bible was the passage where Jesus turns water into wine. Shortly thereafter, she joined the opening staff of the B-Side Lounge, the first bar in the city to focus on classic cocktails and vintage spirits. Since then Kalkofen has honed her craft in Boston’s best bars including Green Street, Brick & Mortar and Barbara Lynch’s award winning Drink.

In 2007, Kalkofen founded the Boston chapter of Ladies United for the Preservation of the Endangered Cocktail, fulfilling her desire to “cocktail for a cause.”Rooted in the belief that everyone loves a good drink, people like to do good things, and broads can accomplish anything, the ladies of LUPEC have raised over $40,000 for local Boston women's charities by throwing the best parties in town.

In 2010, Kalkofen became a founding member of the Tequila Interchange Project, a Mexico and US based not for profit consumer advocacy group comprised of bartenders, educators and academics focused on agave education and the preservation of sustainable, traditional and quality practices in the agave distilled spirits industries. In April 2013, Kalkofen joined the family of Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal as the East Coast Juez. Through her work with Del Maguey and as a board member of the Tequila Interchange Project, Kalkofen has been able to share her love for the history, heritage, and culture of Mexico's noble agave spirits.

Misty Kalkofen has been featured in Bon Appetit, Imbibe, Food & Wine Cocktail editions, Wine Enthusiast, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Tasting Panel, Wine & Spirits, and more. Kalkofen was nominated for American Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail 2011 and International Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail 2012 and 2013. She is a graduate of the rigorous BAR program and continues to minister to cocktail communities nationwide through active involvement in the BARSmarts regional programming. Kalkofen has spent the past twenty years honing her craft and her palate and has earned a reputation as one of Boston's foremost authorities on cocktail history and culture. Cultivating a spirit of camaraderie among cocktail lovers (while showing everyone a really good time in the process) is Misty’s mission across the many communities she touches.