Miriam Paola Pacheco

General Manager

Miriam was born and raised in Uruapan, Michoacán in the middle of a family tradition of Charanda production. Miriam moved to Mexico City to complete her studies at Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) with BS in Accounting. Upon graduating Miriam joined the family businesses of Casa Tarasco Spirits/ Comercializadora PAME in the accounting and administrative areas. Through the years Miriam has worked her way through the ranks and is now the General Manager inheriting the family tradition of Charanda production. They produce and own the brands: El Tarasco, Sol Tarasco and Uruápan Charanda.

The Pacheco family has a long rich history of producing spirits in Mexico. The family first produced mezcal but abandoned that to because it was not profitable in order to produce sugar cane distillates. The Pacheco family has been making Charanda for 111 years. Charanda is a sugar cane distillate with a protected Denomination of Origin that limits its production to only 16 out of the 113 the municipalities in state of Michoacán in Mexico.

The Pacheco family is also responsible for the creation of the DO for Charanda, which was made official in 2003 though not fully enforced. As of April 2018 a Regulatory Agency has been established to begin enforcing the DO to make sure those calling their product Charanda are in compliance and productions are certified.