James Canter

Executive Chef / Owner

Guerilla Gourmet

I was raised in a family that really loved to cook and gather around for the occasion and most of my family worked in my Uncle's seafood restaurant on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I grew up around the many tributaries and brackish marshes of the Chesapeake Bay and the restaurant, I spent many a day’s there while my Mother and my other family members prepped, cooked, and geared up for nightly service, my summer babysitter was a culinary graduate from Culinary Institutes of America, basically the Executive Chef of my Uncle's Chesapeake Bay seafood market & restaurant. I was very lucky to have also toured Europe, the West Indies, as well as Iceland, and North Africa. These travels opened my eyes to cultural diversity and all cultures common thread, FOOD. I was always an adventurous diner and interested in cooking as a child and well into my teens so I decided to attend culinary school after I graduated High school where I was now transplanted to yet another bay town, Tampa/Clearwater Beach, Florida. While I was doing my apprenticeship at The Omni Hotel in Tampa, Florida I went on a trip to Los Angeles and for the first time on the West coast where my mind was blown with the diverse culture and their perspective cuisines, as well as the Californian food philosophy, I was completely hooked. From then on I traveled and went to work cooking, skateboarding and to live in San Francisco for many years as well as remote Alaska, Los Angeles, Kentucky, remote Montana, Florida, Oregon, Detroit, North Carolina, Colorado and now South Coastal Texas. Myself, my amazing wife Maureen who has Korean culinary background, my wonderful oldest son Finn and twin boys Jack & Harlan live & work on our little farm, food truck, and restaurants as well as catering co. here in coastal South Texas where we enjoy all that the culture and bounty offer.