Jacob Trevino


Gorilla Cinema

Jacob Trevino, Founder and CEO of Gorilla Cinema Presents: creator of The Overlook Lodge and The Video Archive, has specialized in bar consulting and developing cocktail programs for the past 14 years.

Armed with that varied background, he’s been able to bring new and innovative ideas to the Ohio market- the first being The Overlook Lodge, a bar inspired by the iconic lodge in the immortal classic movie "The Shining.: The bar has been featured by MTV, USA Today [TOP 50 New Bars in America 2016], Playboy Magazine[TOP 50 BARS IN AMERICA 2016] and The New York Times as well as many best of local and regional lists. The sister bar to the Overlook, is the Tarantino inspired, Video Archive. By taking the idea of a traditional speakeasy and turning it on it's head, Mr. Trevino has gained pressed nationally and internationally by being featured by such publications ad LAD BIBLE, INSIDER TARVEL, CONDE NAST and BON APPETIT magazine. He believes that craft cocktails alone aren’t enough to differentiate. By freshening up the [old and overdone] idea of the craft cocktail and mixing it with interesting settings and unique immersive experiences, Mr Trevino is hoping to elevate and bring magic to the bar community.