Eduardo Belaunzarán

Managing Partner

Wahaka Mezcal

Eduardo was born in Mexico City and his passion for Mezcal and Tequila brought him down the Agave path at a young age. His passion for Wines grew during his 20 years living in Paris, France. Now based in America NW, Lalo is an experienced importer of Mexican libations, always looking to share his appreciation for his craft in three different languages—Spanish, English and French.

Eduardo, known to his friends as 'Lalo', is the enthusiastic Agave specialist, Managing Partner of Wahaka Mezcal, Back Alley Imports and Oenophile with a passion for promoting knowledge and understanding of these unique and complex libations made for generations in Mexico. He is a charismatic speaker, event organizer and successful entrepreneur, serving clients from the best-rated restaurants to smaller up-and-coming ones. He is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer, teaching workshops on Mexican spirits. Lalo’s products are present at different restaurants and cocktail bars all around America’s great cities.