Daniel Northcutt


Daniel Northcutt’s passions are family, food, film and marketing. Before he officially opened Frank in 2009 with co-owner Geoff Peveto, Northcutt worked in hospitality and identified Austin as a market in which he wanted to build a brand involving food and beverage. Since the start of his career in hospitality, Northcutt has held a keen interest in food service and guerilla marketing. Over the last 20 years, the San Angelo native has held nearly every job there is in the restaurant business and currently serves as CEO of Frank. In addition to having been a server, cook, and bartender for multiple establishments, he’s served as manager for many of Austin's best-loved restaurants. His most recent adventure was the March 2016 opening the San Antonio location of Frank in the heart of Southtown San Antonio. In addition to infusing every aspect of his business with his passions, Daniel also runs Transistor Six, an analog music and film production company, and is a former member of the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival Board of Directors.