Cody Goldstein

Muddling Memories

Cody Goldstein, has been at the helm of New York City's innovative cocktail scene for the past five years. Nominated as one of 2015's Best Bartenders by Timeout New York, Cody has created a unique and fully-immersed cocktail experience behind the bar. He has curated cocktail bars for various high profile clients such as John Varvatos, LinkedIn, Fuji Film, Google, InStyle, The New York Knicks, Global Citizens Festival, to name a few. Cody is also an award winning bartender with various competitions naming his cocktails the best of the best such as Espolon Cocktail Fights, Food and Wine’s Bloody Mary Challenge, and Starr Rum’s Global Citizens Competition.

As the Founder of Muddling Memories, a beverage and branding management firm, Cody's previous residencies behind the bar include The Nuaa and Redfarm UWS, as well as development the cocktail programs for The Fat Monk, Farmhouse Hospitality, Upholstery Store, NYLO’s "Midwinter Night’s Dream" Holiday Pop-Up, and Mathews in Jersey City. He has been featured on both television and radio including: FOX’s Good Day Live, SiriusXM Radio, with his recipes being published in national media outlets such as New York Daily News, Town & Country, Robb Report Vices, Huffington Post, and numerous local coverage by Timeout, Eater, Thrillist’s “Bartender Tales” and many more. Various brands have also pinned Cody as as a spokesperson / ambassador including Maestro Dobel Tequila and Montauk Rum.

In addition to creating unique recipes and experiences, Cody's work has been published in multiple books, the first being HICKORY DAIQUIRI DOCK: Cocktails with a Nursery Rhyme Twist, published in 2014 by Running Press and his second, GONE WITH THE GIN: Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist, released in 2016.

Handles: Instagram: @muddlingmemories, Twitter: @muddlingmem