Chemo Barrera

Executive Chef

The Well

Chemo Barrera grew up on the Southside of San Antonio and began his culinary journey at home, learning from his family at a young age and being inspired by home cooks. While he started his cooking career working in some national restaurant chains, after several years, he realized that he wanted to grow his culinary knowledge and expertise by attending the Culinary Arts Institute here in San Antonio. Upon graduating culinary school, he spent nine years working for Chef Jason Dady Restaurant Group before becoming chef at The Well.

Under Jason Dady’s mentorship, Barrera worked as sous chef at Tre Trattoria along with being Dady’s right-hand man whenever Dady opened a new restaurant. Through his years with Dady, Barrera perfected his skills in various cuisines, from Tuscan Italian at Tre Trattoria and Tre Enoteca, to smoked meats at B&D Ice House and Two Bros Barbecue Market to seafood at the Shuck Shack.

As a proud Texas native, Barrera has the upmost respect for the Lone Star State and its traditions. To The Well, Barrera takes Texas comfort foods and elevates it to the next level of sophistication while staying true to the cuisine’s time-honored flavors.

Barrera’s passion for the San Antonio culinary scene continues to grow. “San Antonio has a lot to offer and is filled with culture…and it’s all happening right now. I’m just glad to be a part of that,” Barrera said. Inspired by chefs with the notion to try new things and push the culinary envelope, Barrera strives to emulate those same qualities. He attributes his hard work and sacrifice for getting him where he is today.